We like to offer you the choice of either fully Prosecco or Prosecco and Peroni. We can also make several Prosecco cocktails if required.

Our main wine product will be Frizzante 1754, which is served on tap. Our alternative option is bottled Prosecco, which is exactly the same wine! Italian law states that you can only call it Prosecco if it served from a bottle up to 3L in size.

Our wine is 100% Glera grape from the Veneto region of northeast Italy. The Frizzante creates a clean and crisp bouquet and is 11% Vol. The wine will normally be served in a 125ml plastic champagne flute but we may be able to arrange glass flutes if required.

Each 20L keg supplies on average 156 glasses of Prosecco, which goes a long way to you having a great party.

If you decide to go with the Peroni option then each keg will supply an average of 80 pints. This will also be served in a plastic pint glass with the option for glass if available/required. 

Our price range